Tribal Warrior Board

Shane Phillips

Chairman & CEO
Shane Phillips is an outstanding community leader and respected spokesperson for Aboriginal Australians. Shane is passionate about the importance of empowering Aboriginal people and is a dedicated contributor to a range of community organisations. He has cultural connections to the Bunjalung, Wonnarua, and Eora peoples.

Mark Spinks

Mark is a respected member of the Aboriginal community in Sydney and as Secretary, bring a wealth of governmement and strategic public sector know-how to the Tribal Warrior Association. He is also the founding member of the Babana Aboriginal Men’s Group Inc. a broad-based non-aligned community support and development group, providing networking opportunities for local Aboriginal men.

Uncle Max Eulo

Founding Member
Uncle Max Eulo is one of Australia’s most well known Aboriginal personalities and Elders. One of the founding members of the Tribal Warrior Association, he regularly performs traditional Australian smoking ceremonies for visiting heads of state and dignitaries.

Troy Russell

Troy Russell is from the Biripai people of the Greater Manning area near Taree, and has a great understanding of issues that affect his people whether it concerns mainland or Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Tim Gray

Public Officer
Tim is qualified as a deckhand and has been with the Association for several years. He brings artistic knowledge and commitment to the board. He is a gregarious person who gets on with everyone in the Tribal Warrior Association from the office staff to the crew and is of great benefit to our board with the wealth of knowledge he holds.

Anthony Cook

Anthony has been a valued Treasurer of the Association for many years.

Mentoring Team

Bert Gordon

Senior Mentor
Bert is Senior Mentor at Tribal Warrior.

Eunice Grimes

Head Mentor
Eunice is Head Mentor at Tribal Warrior

Jacob Saunders

Head Mentor
Jacob is Assistant Head Mentor at Tribal Warrior.

Cyril Mundine

Assistant Head Mentor
Cyril is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Lavina Phillips

Lavina is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Josh Togo

Josh is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Ezekiel Phillips

Ezekiel is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Eli Roberts

Eli is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Latrell Robinson

Latrell is one of our invaluable Mentors at Tribal Warrior.

Cultural Educators

Lisa Lawrence

Cultural Educator
Lisa is a Bwgcolman, Waanyi, Kuku Thaypan woman from Palm Island North Queensland. She learnt cultural methods, that have been in the family generations, from knowledge taught by her elders.

Lisa has performed at the International Convention Centre, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Australian Museum and many other venues in Sydney at government, corporate and private events.

As a cultural mentor, educator and performer, Lisa started working with Tribal Warrior in 2013. Because of her belief in building community connection and sharing culture, as well as performing for audiences from around the globe, Lisa plays a large role in teaching young people in Tribal Warrior’s mentoring program – Clean Slate Without Prejudice.

Terry Olsen

Cultural Educator

Les Daniel

Cultural Educator

Admin Staff

Marie Hiles

Operations Manager and Executive Assistant to CEO

Kim Gordon

Tourism Logistics Manager and Sales

Simone Barwick

Finance Manager

Jeremy Wright

Governance, Mentoring and Tribal Warrior Talent Consultant

Amara Barnes

Tribal Warrior Talent Consultant

Cate Long

Tourism Marketing and Sales Manager