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Young Warriors Breathing Life Back into Culture

There was great energy in the room when our young Tribal Warriors led the way, teaching guests who visited for our first Redfern Language and Culture Open Day in March. Guests were amazed at the knowledge, confidence and skill of our young people as they were taken through a series of language activities, song and games.

‘Lingo from the Block’ is our Sydney Language program run jointly with Augustinian Volunteers. The program has brought together mentors and young people to engage in language revitalisation, with the aim of introducing their knowledge to the Redfern community and in the future to the wider Sydney community through workshops and walking tours.

The program is based on the culture of the original local Wangal clan through the work of linguist Jeremy Steele and historian Keith Vincent Smith.

Running every Wednesday and Friday, ‘Lingo from the Block’ is part of Tribal Warrior’s cultural initiative, increasing young Aboriginal people’s knowledge of culture as well as improving literacy skills and self-esteem. Shane Phillips, CEO of Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation said the program “breathes life back into culture”. We hope to hold more open days this year so keep your eyes out for announcements.

As the theme of NAIDOC 2017 year is ‘Our Languages Matter’, we will be focusing on Australian languages on our NAIDOC day Cultural Cruise to Be-lang-le-wool on Monday 3 July. We look forward to welcoming you on board.