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Tribal Warrior’s Record of Maritime Training Success

Our partners from TAFE Digital along with other training supporters joined Tribal Warrior maritime students past and present in late February, on a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour to celebrate and present recent graduates with their awards.

Tribal Warrior has a long and successful tradition in maritime training in Australia. Fifteen years ago, our famous gaff rigged ketch Tribal Warrior departed on its historic circumnavigation of the continent, visiting communities all around Australia with a crew of seven Aboriginal men. The objective was to unite Australians naionwide, and to provide maritime training to underprivileged people along the way.

This first circumnavigation of Australia crewed by Indigenous Australians, took 23 months to complete, visited some 120 Aboriginal communities along the coast, and sailed more than 26,000 kilometres. Throughout the voyage, the crew of the Tribal Warrior provided maritime training courses through TAFE.

Tribal Warrior’s Maritime Training program has proven to be a very powerful way to build people’s self-esteem and provides great stimulus for self-empowerment to people in the community.

Today, training is also also conducted by the Tribal Warrior in partnership with Corrective Services NSW, where inmates from Long Bay Correctional Centre who are part of Tribal Warrior’s Never Going Back mentoring program, getting commercial maritime qualifications while completing their sentences.

The changed lives of hundreds of people, who have gained Maritime Qualifications through our unique way of teaching. Many of our successfully trained skippers are now working around Sydney Harbour, including on our own vessel Mari Nawi. Many of our former students are also employed working in the offshore maritime industry.

This one of a kind maritime training program provided by Tribal Warrior, is made possible through our partnership with TAFE. The practical ‘hands on’ training that open training allows is particularly suited to Indigenous people, allowing courses to be tailored to suit the needs of individuals.

Communities up and down the coast are now eager for Tribal Warrior to visit them and train their people. They recognise that the combination of an Indigenous owned and operated organisation along with the flexibility of an open training course is something that works.