Tribal Warrior Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is a grass roots community, holistic exercise, assistance and referral program designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth of all ages.

The concept is simple in design. It’s all about forming good habits, guiding by example, acknowledging our achievements and including everyone.

Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation mentoring in association with the Clean Slate Without Prejudice – run in partnership with the Redfern Local Area Police Command are making big changes within the community in this grass roots initiative.

The program is designed to help recidivism rates in jail – meaning we want our youth to stay out of jail through commitment to the program and learning discipline during physical training – the program is so successful that the local police have reported a decrease of 70% in crime in the area!

The program creates a supportive family environment so that everyone feels at home and is encouraged when milestones are reached.

Often mentor’s and their kids they mentor go out on excursions to places of cultural significance and learn the history of certain sites and their heritage.


Everyone gets into the habit of getting up early in the morning, to train together as a group – this has several positive effects.

  • All participants are ready to go to work and / or study early
  • All participants fall into the positive habit of going to bed early and are not out on the street late at night
  • Everyone shares a breakfast afterwards which allows all to sit down and discuss issues which may affect them
  • Mentors are then able to guide their mentees in the right direction

Everyone in the mentoring program is encouraged to volunteer their time at Family and Cultural Day and with helping people move.

To help us run this program, we need your financial and volunteer help to support our youth and our community.  For further information please contact the office on 02 9699 3491.

Tribal Warrior Association Inc. empowers disadvantaged Aboriginal and non-indigenous people by providing specialised training and mentoring programs leading to employment opportunities.