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Tribal Warrior crew sail Redfern to Hobart

Rising to the challenges they faced the Tribal Warrior Sydney to Hobart crew were welcomed by the Tasmanian community at Constitution Dock after three days at sea.

Plans to be the first Indigenous crew to sail the Sydney to Hobart have been in the making for many years. After raising support for a yacht to enter the 2016 race, the yacht was written off in a storm a few weeks later and a replacement boat had to be found. The crew, some of whom had never sailed before, trained every weekend to prepare for the event. As their experience and enthusiasm grew, just before the registration deadline the replacement vessel was found to be unfit to race and it looked like the dream was not going to materialize.

first-indigenous-sydney-to-hobart-crew-2016A couple of weeks before the race, Southern Excellence II was enlisted to get the crew back on the water. Having missed the deadline they could not be an official race entry but this did not deter them. The Cruising Yacht Club made the Tribal Warrior entry a backup marine radio vessel and on Boxing Day the crew sailed out of the heads to Hobart. Not an official race entrant, but still making the voyage alongside the best.

As they sailed south, communities along on the easternmost points of the coast lit fires and conducted smoking ceremonies for the crew. The journey was documented by NITV and other media outlets as well as Tribal Warrior’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Shane Phillips, CEO of Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation chatted to David Prior & Matthew Tukaki on Second Career about the epic journey on 2UE’s Talking Lifestyle channel.