Tribal Warrior Culture Connect School Education Incursion

Tribal Warrior Culture Connect school workshops bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture into the curriculum

Choose an Emu, Roo or Barra package and enjoy an exciting and meaningful learning experience at your school.

Our Culture education workshops integrate with all learning areas and stages which also meet with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture priority in the Australian Curriculum.

Through our fun interactive workshops, students will understand the elements of Identity and living Communities and the interconnected concepts of country/place, culture and people.

Our Cultural Educators come from many different Tribal Nations and bring their own stories of identity many years experience working with schools as well as being professional dancers who have performed for audiences nationally and internationally.

We look forward to visiting your school!


4 Cultural Educators | 30-300 students | 6 hours | min $4,200

  • Ochre/Dance Ceremony
  • Yidaki Yarn
  • Bush Foods and Methods
  • Weaving Beading
  • Bushskills


2 Cultural Educators | 30-300 students | 2 hours | min $3,000

  • Ochre/Dance Ceremony
  • Bushskills
  • Art
  • Bush Foods and Methods


2 Cultural Educators | 30-300 students | 2 hours | min $2,400

  • Ochre/Dance Ceremony
  • Bush skills
  • Art

FROM $8 per student

Culture Connect brings Aboriginal Culture to your school.


Phone 02 9699 3491 or email for bookings and more information.


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Tribal Warrior connects people from all over the world with the ancient culture of Australia and the history of Sydney through traditional performances, ceremonies, harbour cruises and school programs.