An important Aboriginal educational experience awaits you on Bangabaoui – a cultural cruise and island tour designed by traditional owners and education professionals specifically for primary, secondary and tertiary students. Let the curriculum come alive!

Be immersed in the culture and heritage of our ancestors – learn about local Indigenous traditions, place names, languages, stories of the past and more. Visit Be-lang-le-wool (Clark Island, National Park) and develop a true understanding of traditional Aboriginal family life and cultural identity.

Through the Bangabaoui School Education Programs experience students will also gain a deeper appreciation of Aboriginal protocols, learn about colonial occupation, our strong cultural leaders, significant moments in Aboriginal politics and the contemporary world of Aboriginal people.

Bangabaoui meets the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross Curriculum Priority in the Australian Curriculum. Students will understand the elements of Identity and Living Communities and the interconnected concepts of Country/Place, Culture and People embedded in the curriculum through an enjoyable and highly acclaimed participatory excursion.

The program’s educational content provides informative material and focus points for all learning areas and is also a great opportunity for integrated units of work in key areas such as History, Geography, Commerce, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Aboriginal Studies.

GET IN TOUCH FOR: Syllabus Links and Classroom Resources – developed in conjunction with the University of Sydney Aboriginal Studies curriculum course lecturer Dr Cathie Burgess and students Jasmine Dingley and Daniel Stern.

What to expect

  • Meet your Aboriginal guides at Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay.
  • Be welcomed on board Mari Nawi  and receive a vessel safety briefing.
  • Cruise around the Harbour Bridge and Opera House towards Be-lang-le-wool (Clark Island, National Park) while significant cultural landmarks are identified and their history and place-names explained.
  • Arrive at the island and participate in a comprehensive guided walk.
  • Learn about traditional Aboriginal family life, fishing, hunting and other food gathering techniques, land use in the area, the importance of the local flora and dreamtime stories of the past.
  • Hear about the significance of traditional body paint, indigenous art and hunting tools. Listen to traditional music and actively participate in traditional dance.
  • Once back on board, enjoy informal discussion time with your hosts as the vessel makes its way back to Circular Quay.


Bangabaoui – Aboriginal educational experience on Sydney Harbour.


Phone 02 9699 3491 or email for bookings and more information.


Secondary Syllabus Links

Primary Syllabus Links



Minimum numbers for the cruise are generally 30 up to a maximum of 140.

Prices start from only $17.50 per student (at full capacity) and are on a sliding scale depending on group size. The larger the group, the lower the per student cost.

NEW – We may be able to facilitate combining smaller school groups on Tuesday and Thursday morning educational cruises, depending on numbers and availability. Please contact us for further details and to register your interest.


Bangabaoui departs in all weather conditions. Please bring good walking shoes and an umbrella/raincoat for use on the island during wet weather.

Cruise dates are subject to availability and minimum numbers.


Please meet our guides at Eastern Pontoon, Circular Quay


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