Tribal Warrior Association organises and provides authentic Indigenous ceremonies and cultural performances for both public and corporate events

Tribal Warrior offers Smoking Ceremonies, Dance Performances, Welcome to Countries, Acknowledgement of Country and Didgeridoo players. To book a performance, please complete our online booking form and we will contact you to confirm prices and availability.

Smoking Ceremonies

A sacred smoking ceremony has many purposes but often it is used as a welcome to a particular area and /or it may cleanse an area or person and shows a sign of respect for people past and present and also the passing over of elders – to rest the spirit. The leaves, bark and fungi from trees are the three sources -smoke for the smoking ceremony depending on the purpose of the ceremony.

Welcome to Country

A welcome to country is performed by an Aboriginal person who is from the area in which the welcome is performed. It is also a sign of respect for Elders past and present. It means being welcomed in a friendly manner to an area of land– it can also mean laying down arms and meeting in friendship -it is most often performed by a respected Elder of that community.

Acknowledgement of Country

An acknowledgement of country is performed when an Aboriginal person is not from the country in which the ceremony is performed. For example if the Aboriginal person is from the south coast and is living in Sydney but has no cultural links to that area -It shows respect for the people who are living in that area in the past and present.

Cultural Dance Performances

There is a variety of cultural dance performances which differ from nation to nation and carry a variety of meanings depending on the area- respecting the natural environment and respecting birds and animals as well. There are ceremonial performances which are the core of cultural life. Certain ceremonies contain all aspects of cultural life such as song, dance, and they will often paint their bodies as a mark of respect for the sacredness of the ceremony performed.

Didgeridoo Performances

The Didgeridoo, traditionally known as the Yidaki is a wind instrument developed and played by the first nations people of northern Australia – the earliest use of the instrument was detailed in rock art in Northern Australia about 1,500 years ago. It is still one of the most iconic instruments still in use today with the vibrations – the sounds it makes penetrating the entire body.


Tribal Warrior acknowledges our performers past, present and future and the sacredness of cultural knowledge that they hold and share.


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