About the Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation

A not-for-profit community organisation initiated and directed by Aboriginal people with Aboriginal Elders.

The Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation was established by concerned Aboriginal people with a view to spread and vitalise Aboriginal culture, and to provide economic and social stability.

The Corporation provides quality training for employment skills, and extends everyday practical assistance by distributing food and groceries to struggling families.

The Management Committee of the Corporation includes grass roots Aboriginal people from various areas, and respected Elders.

The Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation uses the gaff-rigged ketch Tribal Warrior and the Mari Nawi to train Aboriginal people to attain their Master Class V commercial maritime certificate and other qualifications including Radar certificate, and Marine Engineer certificate.

On all public occasions and celebrations, the Tribal Warrior flies the Koori Flag and the jib sail painted with the words “It”s a Koori harbour” and the Black Duck totem.

Wherever the boat goes or where Aboriginal people have seen it, it has been intimately their boat. This has been the spirit and goal from the beginning.

We exist to empower disadvantaged Aboriginal and non-indigenous people – encouraging them to become self-sufficient by providing specialised training programs leading to employment opportunities in the maritime industries.

Endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office, and authorised to fundraise for charitable purposes by the Office of Charities, Department of Gaming & Racing NSW, the Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation relies on the community for both financial and practical support.


  • Daniel Ariel
  • Uncle Kevin Smith, Elder of Redfern
  • Uncle Lionel Mongta, Elder of Walbunja community
  • Uncle Bruce Stewart, Elder of La Perouse community
  • Uncle Max Eulo, Elder of Redfern community
  • Uncle Herb Simms, Elder of La Perouse
  • Jacob Cassidy, Member of Redfern community
  • Raymond Finn, Member from South Australia